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Archive – Small courtyard garden

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GDSP1-OutlineplanA design for a small courtyard garden for a working couple. There are two seating areas at opposite ends of the garden: A raised paving area near the house makes use of the morning sun with space for a small table and chairs for breakfast or morning coffee.  At the far end of the garden a raised decking area with built in seating takes advantage of the afternoon sun and provides a more private and secluded area for relaxing and entertaining in the evening. A rill, the source of which comes from a water feature at the far end of the garden links the two seating areas running under the deck and continues to the paved area by the house.  A reinforced glass slab creates a crossing over the rill and allows an uninterrupted view of the water. Two areas of gravel on either side of the path provide both contrast to the paving and areas for low maintenance planting.

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